Why Married Men Cheat: Examining Factors of Adulterous Men

Why do men cheat anyway? Why can’t they just be faithful? Especially married men after vowing their love and seal their faith to only one woman, they still get away with it. They never run out of ways and now websites for married dating are used by men for their cheating advantage. It makes you wonder but for the record not all men cheat and to be really fair about it, some women also cheat. And women are now also signing up on websites for married dating, which is used for their own cheating advantage as well. But there is no doubt and no arguing about it that men cheat more than women. Mark Epstein, MD, a psychiatrist in private practice in Manhattan and author of Open to Desire: embracing a Lust for Life says “Men and women cheat in different ways. It’s more like an appetite thing for men, more oral in a way; their partners are more disposable and the experiences are more disposable.” Women may consider cheating men as monsters and heartless beast but there has got to be . So let us examine the facts on why married men cheat. Read on to find out.

Men Gets frustrated with their Wives

men’s frustrations pic

“Ease your frustration”

These men are most likely not satisfied with their marriage. Though the feeling of dissatisfaction is present they are also afraid or are coward enough to leave their marriage. These men find it hard to communicate their needs to their wives. With their wives not able to know what their needs are, it creates conflict. Some men are also able to voice out their needs about sex but somehow their wives don’t seem to understand it which also results in conflict. The bottom line is most of the time sex seems to be the root of men’s frustrations. The pain of rejection is doubled when their efforts to communicate are not heard. Some wives are not interested in meeting their husband’s sexual needs.
Sometimes wives are the main reason why their husbands cheated in the first place. With all that nagging and complaining, it somehow created a gap of silence. It is a silence created out of anger and frustration and worst if it is a silence created out of regret. It got these men thinking why they married a blabber mouth. The thought of having to live with their nagging wives is too scary. The nagging will drive those men nuts. One thing is for sure you will never find these men caught on websites for married dating since you will barely find these men at home. They will do anything to stay away from their wives. They would never browse married online dating sites and look for the best sites for affairs. They believe that married internet dating cannot ease their frustration and anger. Although, they are desperate and do anything to feel good, they would still not prefer cheating online but in someone else’s arms.

When a Woman Becomes a Plain Housewife

nagging and complaining img

“A regular housewife starts to lose the charm and passion”

There is nothing wrong with being a plain housewife. However, at some point after marriage especially after giving birth, women are becoming less concerned with their appearance and their beauty. It loses their sensuality. Most men are sexually attracted to beautiful women since they are more likely visual creatures, which make them cheat their wives, the moment a pretty woman comes along.
When everything becomes ordinary and predictable somehow their interest is lost. Before they married their wives it used to be fun and exciting and sex was great and full of passion. But now with the bills to pay and with kids running around, even a spark of excitement seems to be lost and nowhere to be found. Men would go out of their way to find that thrill even a little bit of excitement is fine. In order to satisfy that need some men would check online and sign up on websites for married dating just to get a taste of excitement. Having an online affair is something new and exciting and men find it convenient. They also think that since they never actually have contact physically they don’t feel that much of the guilt. They would consider it harmless and a way of getting off without having to leave their marriage. Men will eventually miss the thrill of the chase. When a woman no longer cares about her appearance, a husband would think that no one would ever try to take his wife away from him. So he lets his guard down. He feels that he no longer needs to watch over his wife or even try to impress her since he is confident that she will never leave him. So he looks for that feeling and will try to impress another woman, the kind where other men would also try to win her attention. It is in their nature and very few men can control that urge.

Their Way of Revenge from Cheating Wives

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“Revenge is the dish served best cold”

Men are not the only ones who cheat. Women have the ability to cheat as well. This case rarely happens; some men love their wives so much that they never leave but choose to get back at her instead. By cheating, it is his way to get even, more of like punishing her or showing her what it feels like to be cheated. Most men would cheat only to feed their ego. Knowing that their wives cheated on them, it slowly diminishes their ego. They wonder if they are they are still sexually attractive after being stuck in a married life. They tend to cheat to find a way out of that curiosity and when they discover that they still have the charm to seduce other women; it will further boost their ego. They will then get addicted to it. Some men find it hard to swallow their pride. The moment they found out about their wife’s cheating ways, somehow it affects their dignity. They chose the easy way out and find comfort in cheating.

Men Cheat at the First Opportunity

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“They will cheat with the first chance they get”

The opportunity of having a sexual encounter with a gorgeous female rarely happens. Thinking that it may not happen again they grab that chance of making them cheat on their wives. It is also a great escape from the shackles of commitment. When things get boring in a marriage, men cheat on their wives to escape even for a while. They find that need fulfilled by cheating and somehow they feel free. With the food served on their table how can they refuse, they would tell you that they are just being men. Sometimes they just want to remember how it feels like to be desirable and free. Having that opportunity slip away, for men would be such a waste.
Men are not all that bad if we learn to understand them. When it comes to cheating, we now know that the reason is not always about a man’s irresponsible behavior. Women take part as well on why the cheating even began. A Man’s reason for cheating will still vary depending on the situation. For some men, where cheating just comes naturally, they definitely deserve to be called as heartless beasts. Women must learn to sense their husband’s needs and try to be open about it. Marriage doesn’t have to feel like a prison; both must do their part to keep the love alive.

Are You Too Compatible? Why Having Too Much In Common Might Actually Ruin Your Fling!

“We are all looking for someone compatible”

“We are all looking for someone compatible”

A fling can be a memorable experience: a chance to escape the pressures of university, spice up your holiday or explore the 4 corners of the world. The chances of it being dull and boring are next to nil. Some things are better done with a lover but let’s face it, the summer heat has been known to induce a lot of steamy encounters. A fling is certainly in the offing once the heat of summer officially starts. Nevertheless, a fling needs to be clear at the beginning. If both parties understand it’s only good for the time being, a true friendship could develop with the potential of being a fall back relationship in case one of you decides to play booty call. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your holiday, a fling online dating sites may just be for you.

The Anatomy of a Fling

“Flings don’t have to result in a Heartbreak”

“Flings don’t have to result in a Heartbreak”

If you have suffered heartbreak before, you may have the unfortunate tendency to associate love with pain. This view is unhealthy and leads to a lot of self loathing and unworthiness. Heartbreaks are a part of life, so is pain, sex, love and happiness. Taking them all in stride is actually what makes life worth living.
In the case of a fling, the connected but not committed quality has the capacity to get you out of a hump to the point where you can be ready for your next great love. So this relationship is all about fun and sex without the claustrophobic obligations of commitment. For the romantics who always pine about the one who got away, a fling can help heal heartbreak by making you stay in the moment and connect with your inner teen who just wants to enjoy and see the world. Nevertheless, the fun and connection that may result out of the engagement may not necessarily work to both of your advantage. Fun and connection make you highly compatible and the chance of falling for your fling is high. Compatibility is important, but to have compatibility you need to find the right match and to find the right match you need to find a legit site. Read these amateur match reviews. You can clearly extract from the review that amateurmatch.com is a scam site. You should also consider this saying “Compatibility ruins a fling” from Donna Suzio, author of Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers. She insists that you should be clear from the start that you aren’t ever going to consider having a relationship with him. Otherwise, you run the risk of pining for him, waiting for him to call.

Conflict vs. Congeniality

“Discover the differences”

“Discover the differences”

When you meet someone for the first time, it won’t be long before you discover whether or not both of you are compatible.
When one person in a relationship does something the other person would have done, it adds to the relationship increasing the partner’s compatibility. Couples who are compatible, agree on issues and what decisions to take in their relationship. Their love for each other grows and they feel perfectly content with each other. Satisfaction and happiness has a lot to do with compatibility.
Two people who are compatible enjoy each other’s company and do not find it hard to find common ground. Their similarities are such that they become excited that someone else shares their preferences and dislikes. This adds to their feeling of security that they are not alone.
The other side of the coin is when couples do not find excitement in similarities, thereby getting attracted to their opposite.
When two people with different tastes, styles or points of view get along, a partnership may emerge that celebrate two people’s differences. Respect is important in this kind of relationship. On the plus side, what one partner will find that he or she is missing in his person is supported by their partner’s qualities and vice verse. On the downside, the difference between them can be a source of conflict and arguments.

What is compatibility?

“Making the same decisions and having the same interests”

“Making the same decisions and having the same interests”

Arguing with your partner does not imply that both of are you are incompatible. All couples at one point always come to a disagreement. Their secret to handling conflict is by fighting fair and looking for a solution that is acceptable to both partners. If an argument goes unresolved because either partner could not find common ground, issues of compatibility may arise and start to accumulate.
If you can relate to a person easily, despite the occasional disagreements, and you respect him or her, then you’re compatible. It may take a few dates but it will be all that is necessary to establish your compatibility.

When keeping things casual becomes difficult

If, after spending some time with your new found friend, you find yourself imagining happy ever after complete with a set of grandchildren, it may be time to back off and reassess your situation or better yet start checking out those fling online dating sites. The nature of a fling is transient and temporary. Long term arrangements are best reserved for the one you really want to spend your life with.

If you were recently half of a duo in a committed relationship, getting into another one immediately after is not exactly the answer to finding Mr. Right. You need time to heal from your wounds and yes, a rebound relationship is sure to happen.

Casual sex and a good time can be a great way to get over someone, especially if we’re too lazy to get back into the dating game. Even if your best friend finds you a perfect blind date, you may be too busy to take the time to bring it to the next level. So while you’re at it, enjoy the fling while it lasts. But when it starts getting serious, it’s time to pull the plug.

A relationship based on sex will not give you the needed emotional support, but it can get you by on those lonely Friday evenings when your date decides to cancel at the last minute or when you’re keeping your options open.

What if you do start having legitimate feelings for your fling?

Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, the feelings are always bound to develop. Sex is an act that opens you to someone and in the process binds you to the person you’re sharing it with. Although there are exceptions to every rule, it is difficult to make the jump from a purely physical to an emotionally committed relationship. Nevertheless, if the potential is there, test the waters and open it up to your partner; you have nothing to lose.

Sex is a sacred act between lovers and it loses its beauty quickly if done without feelings. If you’re intimate with someone, there should be mutual courtesy before, during and after the encounter. In a fling, sticking to the agreement is important so that feelings will not spill over and ruin an otherwise convenient arrangement. If you see that you may not be able to keep up with your side of the bargain, it’s always best to be honest and pull the plug. Otherwise, what started out as fun and excitement can be a source of heartache in the long run.

Just remember, always protect yourself when indulging in a casual fling. Whatever you do, it’s always wise to keep yourself free from the danger of getting pregnant, getting an STD or just plain falling in love.

The First date: How to impress a woman

In today’s day an age, socializing has become both an easy and difficult process. At one point of, it was more challenging to ask a woman out considering the lack of social networking sites and great mobile facilities we see today. Nonetheless, this also means more competition for the guy since a lot of men vie for the same woman. But when the guy victoriously wins a date with her, here’s where the real challenge starts. What you do in the first date can determine your future with the woman in question. And if she matters, you need to impress her so that in turn you are able to leave a long lasting impression on her; preferably a good one!

Here are a few simple steps that need to be followed:

1. Be on time: Contrary to popular belief, being fashionably late is a big no-no. If you say 8 o’clock, you need to be by her doorstep by 8! Women will prefer their dates to be punctual and tardiness is never acceptable.

2. Choose the venue for the date carefully: Be very careful with this. You cannot pick too fancy a restaurant because it sends off the wrong message and you can’t go cheap and choose some pizza joint either. Pick a moderate place to eat and figure out what she likes before you select. It is important that she enjoys the meal more than you.

Fun date activities

Think of Fun activities

3. Think of Fun activities: Do not just stick to eating at some restaurant. Think of activities to do prior to the actual meal or after. You can go for a movie she likes or some activity that two people can enjoy. All of these needs to be done keeping in mind that it is the woman you are trying to impress. Don’t think of what you like.

Pay for the date

Pay for the date

4. Pay for the date: This is not a friendly outing. It’s date. You have to pay for it. Don’t try to split the bill. More importantly do not let her feel obligated because you paid the bill. It’s a civil thing to do and has nothing to do with whether the woman should pay or not. Reach for the bill before she does and do it smoothly.

5. Don’t make an obvious mood: Keep it casual. You do not have to ‘seal the deal’ on the very first date. Show her a good time, first.

How to Tell Good Guys from Players

302articleA lot of single women are sacred of dating players and will take to the hills the moment they find out that the guy that they are seeing is a player (aka playa).

If you believe Dr Jonas Laforge (here)The good guy and a player have one thing in common; they are both attracted to you and want to take you out to the movies or to dinner and both express their desire to be in a relationship with you.

It is important to know that a guy’s desire to be in a committed relationship is one thing, and the ability to remain in a committed relationship is another thing entirely. If he is only interested in getting between the sheets with you, then you need to run!

How would you know that you are risking your heart, body, and soul on a good-for-nothing player? You will be happy to know that all you need to do is to look out for the clear signs exhibited by men who want to be in a committed relationship.

Here’s how to tell good guys from players:

1. He Has Been in a Long Term Relationship (Over 12 Months)
Men who have fewer exes and long term relationships to each one dos not have commitment issues. If he has not been in long-term relationship and has a whole lot of ex girlfriends, be wary.

2. He has No Trouble Referring to you as His Girlfriend and not “the Girl I am seeing Presently”
No woman in her right mind wants to be referred to as the “flavour of the month”. You should pay attention to the language he uses. The small references actually show his level of commitment. You need to be very cautious of men who refer to their exes as “girls I dated”.

3. A Player Does not Want you to Know a Lot about Him
A good guy has no problem sharing his thoughts, dreams, and life stories with you. A player tells (mostly petty) lies and does not want you to know anything about him.

4. Watch out for Baby mama Drama
If he has a lot of baby mamas, you need to steer clear! This is a clear sign that he is irresponsible and does not deserve you in any way.

5. He Shamefully Flirts with Your Friends
If he finds it difficult to behave around the people that are nearest and dearest to you, then that is your cue to stay away from him.

Some players are very good pretenders, but not rushing into a bed with the first guy that asks you out will help you determine whether you are dealing with a player or genuine guy. A player will use every trick in the book to get you to sleep with him but a good guy will respect you to the end.

Tips on How to Create a Great First Impression

301a-good-first-impression-is-crucial-in-making-a-saleDISCLOSURE: This article was inspired by my good friend Jonas LaForge, who’s always been a sharp dresser!

Creating a really first great impression will help you in a lot of ways. You can create a great impression not just in a job interview but with people you meet from all walks of life.

Here are some tips on how you can create a great first impression:

Cut the Chit Chat
You should be able to get past the chit chat quickly. A lot of people cannot stand the small talk about the type of weather we having nowadays; rather, go straight to the person’s passions by simply asking questions that are open-ended about their hobby, the trends and patterns in their industry or how he or she got into their type of business. Being able to have a genuine conversation instead of a stiff rehearsed party talk will put a person at ease and will also create a meaningful connection.

Be Confident
Nothing creates a really great impression like having an air of confidence about you. You should talk confidently about the things that you know and also talk confidently about things you really look forward to learning.

Prepare Yourself
If you want to make a great impression on a particular person, you will need to know all you possibly can about them. Then start your conversation with either of the two:
• Talk about a topic that you know would be really appreciated if you show your acknowledgement – they won an award, had a fantastic year, created a fabulous product line etc.
• Identify your similar touch points – you both attended the same college, grew up in the same neighborhood, have the same background in business etc

It would be clear that you were prepared by doing your homework/research; which simply shows the respect that you have for the other person. This will definitely make a really terrific first impression.

Dress to Impress
If you want to make a lasting impression, dressing in a classy and distinctive way is one way to achieve this. First, it is important that you know your audience; this way, you can channel your dressing to their own comfort level. Wearing your bright red power suit may not leave a good impression on a person who just can’t be bothered about corporate dressing – Sir Richard Branson is known to dislike wearing ties. When you dress to impress, add a very distinctive element such as a brooch, shoes, scarf, etc

Go on, make a great impression!

The Difference between MS Surface editions

Microsoft has looked to take its range of tablets to the next level with two versions of the Surface collectively known as Surfaces. It may not be easy for the layman to understand the difference between the two versions but a closer look at the two editions reveals much more. The two editions, namely Surface for Windows 8 Pro and the same for Windows RT are the two major ones out there at the moment. The following are some of the main differences between the two editions.

- The Windows RT tablet has a NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chip as a processor while the Windows 8 one has Intel Core i5(Ivy Bridge).

- The Windows RT edition is a lot lighter at 676 grams while the Windows 8 version weighs 903 grams.

- As expected, the Windows 8 edition is a tad thicker measuring in at 13.5 mm while the Windows RT version measures up to just 9.3 mm.

- While Windows RT is ready with Office Home & Student 2013 RT as well as windows RT, the Windows 8 edition is powered by Windows 8 Pro.

- You can get the Windows RT version of MS Surface with 32GB or 64 GB capacity. The Windows 8 edition, on the other hand, offers a bit more with 64GB or 128 GB capacity.




These are a few of the most obvious differences within the two models. Apart from this, there are several lesser significant changes as well. So what is the key observation here? Most importantly, you would have noticed that Microsoft hasn’t done much in terms of memory or CPU speed upgrades. This is done with the intention of promoting user experience rather than hardware capacity. In fact, it is about time most other companies also start following the same principles. There is only so much hardware upgrades can do for you. However, it is the integration services that matter more and Microsoft seems to have done a good job with this on the Windows 8 edition.

The CPU performs read or write operations on that memory address.

The CPU performs read or write operations on that memory address.


There are a few steps taken by the company that seemed to bit a bit strange when comparing the two editions. For one, only the Windows8 Pro edition is capable of handling USB 3.0 and microSDXC. The common belief is that this step has been taken towards cutting costs. Again, the latter version is also much bigger and heavier to support the higher capacity battery. Considering that the Windows 8 version has Core i5 processor to handle, this comes as no surprise. In other words, people looking for the complete Windows 8 experience are better off going with the Windows 8 Pro edition to make the most of the money invested. The newly designed apps for the operating system on Arm is sure to help cut costs as well. 

The top 3 ways to impress a girl the first time you meet her

Some men find attracting a girl’s attention very easy while some others find it very challenging. Impressing a girl the first time you meet her is an art by itself. If you meet a girl for the first time and wish to catch her attention, here are a few tips.

  1. Always be prepared – Every time you go out, it pays to be well dressed. Always be ready to meet the love of your life and impress her. Often we come across pretty women in parties or in social gatherings and before we muster enough courage to go and talk to her, she disappears from the scene. If you want to act fast and act smart without wasting time, you must be well prepared taking care of your hygiene, dress and hair style. This will give you that much needed edge and help you attract and impress a girl in the very first meeting.
  2. Be ready with your lines – Remember that an attractive, beautiful girl comes in front of you rarely. If ever you come across a damsel you fancy, there is no time to waste. Prepare your conversation lines well in advance as trying to improvise on the spot may lead to a mess. The key is to know what you must talk on your very first meeting especially if she is a total stranger. Plan and rehearse effective lines to be used when the opportunity arises. Most people will not think along these lines. If you can do this, you definitely have a good advantage over them.

    meet the love of your life

    meet the love of your life

  3. Look straight into her eye as you talk – Self-confidence is one of the major aspects any girl admires in a man. Look suave, comfortable and confident as you approach her. Introduce yourself looking straight in her eye. Before accepting your friendship, a girl will first see if you look smart, talk smart and behave smart. Present yourself well and hope for the best. If she does not seem very interested, walk away with dignity. She may already have a boyfriend and it does not work in your favour to continue pursuing her.
You should focus on one woman.

You should focus on one woman.

A sense of humour goes a long way in impressing a girl especially if you are talking to her for the first time. Catching the attention of a beautiful girl you like may sound very challenging but if you go about it in the right manner and keep yourself prepared at all times, you task will be very easy. Before you know it you may be ready to go out on your first date with her. So, start preparing for the day when you will meet the girl you wish to spend the rest of your life with.


Dealing with a Death in the Family

Death is inevitable and so is grief. When someone in the family dies, we go through all kinds of emotions dealing with the situation. Especially if the death is sudden, you may feel confused, shocked, scared, worried and sad all at the same time. Some people just feel empty while some others may feel exhausted, guilty, relieved, cheated or angry. Whatever the emotion is, it will definitely be much deeper and stronger than what you have ever experienced before.

Reactions to Death

Some of the normal reactions to death include trouble with sleeping, concentrating, eating or studying. Some people totally avoid activities they previously used to enjoy while some others may drink, eat or play computer games in excess. People handle death in different ways. Some people find comfort in support offered by friends and relatives while some hang on to good memories. Some try to remain busy to take their minds off the loss and some may become numb and depressed and totally withdraw.

Talking about the grief is a good way to let go. Some people find it easy to talk to their friends or relatives while some may need the help of professional therapists. Sometimes people may even indulge in self-destructive activities to deal with their sorrow. They do drugs; drink in excess or live dangerously to escape the pain. They may even consider suicide as the ultimate escape route.

Some types of medication might

Some types of medication might


Ways to Deal with Death

Caring for yourself is the only way to successfully transcend grief and get back to normal life. There are certain small but important ways you can take care of yourself to get over the unbearable stress.

  • It pays to remember that grief is a temporary emotion and will heal with time
  • Always be around others and be a part of the informal gathering of friends and family for some time. They will give you a lot of emotional support and ensure that you never feel lonely or depressed
  • Rituals such as funerals and memorial services are designed to honor the dead and help you get through those tough initial days
  • It pays to talk to someone and express your thoughts and feelings. If you do not wish to share your emotions publicly, you can start writing a journal expressing your emotions
  • Even though it is natural for you not to feel hungry, your body needs fuel. So, ensure that you do not skip your meals
  • Try to get back to your routine as soon as possible and include a lot of physical exercise to keep your mood elevated
  • Support groups offer a lot of essential counselling and help the sufferer express his feelings of pain and get over the traumatic experience
5 Ways To Deal With The Death

5 Ways To Deal With The Death

Grief may be intense and unbearable but is always temporary. Death of a loved one is an event that can never be reversed but grief of any intensity can be transcended. 

Microsoft: Can Windows 8 save the software powerhouse?

Microsoft certainly wants to be at the top in regards to operating system providers and with the launch of Windows 8 they have given themselves an amazing chance. Microsoft has either resigned or completely updated many applications and is hopeful that the analysts have reviewed the market properly and that they can satisfy the needs of their customers.

It is considered as the next generation of the operating system from the leading software provider for tablets, laptops and personal computers. The main objective of the launch of Windows 8 operating system is to give Windows a new face and ensure that it is appropriate for the requirements and needs of Microsoft customers. The basic structure of Windows operating systems has always been the same, till the introduction of Windows 8.

Windows 8 has entirely different technique for personal computers since it has been certainly planned bearing in mind a tangible interface and many of Windows 8 applications are also particularly intended to run on different interface. This new operating system from Microsoft does function with the conventional keywords and mouse, although that may be a good thing for many users. Windows 8 has many useful and new features, but the aging and older functions haven’t totally been overlooked. It might take a little time to become accustomed to the working for this new operating system, but if you want to make the most out of this operating system, you will have to persist.

Windows 8 can be a very useful

Windows 8 can be a very useful

According to one review, the procedure of shifting between the new and old applications is quite strident but the management of the company has rejected to acknowledge it as a problem. Microsoft has added an amazing new safety system, called secure boot. Protection is always one of the most things to consider and the leading software provider is hopeful that their safety system will provide just what is required. The main function of this new safety system is to avert a device which is not completely confined. This device will be a USB key which has been influenced by many harmful viruses and cause problem when system is started. Windows 8 also has a method to do an anti-virus check even while the system is booting up.

Windows 8 anti-virus detection

Windows 8 anti-virus detection

Good news for Windows users is that Windows 8 will be much faster than its predecessors. Windows 8 speed will certainly amaze you. This operating system boots up in just ten seconds and you would definitely love the start screen of Windows 8. The bottom line is Windows 8 operating system is definitely a great OS which will save the status of Microsoft since it offers a lot and simple to operate. 

My 3 Favourite Movies This Year

What are my favorite movies for 2012? The Mayans predicted that 2012 was the end of the world but prediction was false and we are all still alive and ruling Earth. For Hollywood, 2012 was truly an unpredictable year since there was a mix of good and bad movies and there were different film genres that were shown. Surely it was a sign that Hollywood Movies still rule and there were indeed many great movies last year that were worth watching!

I can come up with a list of my favorite 20 movies but since the task is to talk about three , then I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best for me! So here are my favorite movies this year and these were the movies that provided me with the best in entertainment.

1. The Avengers

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston

Summary: Loki steals the Tesseract which is cube of pure energy that has the power to destroy the world. S.H.I.E.L.D leader goes on recruiting superheroes so he can then assemble a teal of the world’s greatest heroes so he can get the Tesseract from Loki. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and The Hulk are recruited to save the world from being destroyed. However, the team needs to work together and each superhero was to struggle also with their own uniqueness.

Marvel Studies did a great job in putting all these superheroes in one film and this movie is certainly an epic that sets the bar for all other superhero inspired movies! The movie was fun and it had humor and heart! The actors were perfectly cast and the villain, Loki, was able to steal the every scene he was in!

Hot Toys The Avengers

Hot Toys The Avengers

2. Moonrise Kingdom

Cast: Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Jared Gilamn, Kary Hayward and Jason Schwartzman

Summary: The movie is about two teenagers who are madly in love with each other. Sam is an orphan from a scout camp and Suzy is a depressed and troubled girl. Sam and Suzy runaway and they set off to an adventure on the fictional island of New Penzance. Chasing after them are Suzy’s parents, Sam’s Scout Master and the Island Police Sheriff.

The movie is aesthetically pleasing. The film is a fantasy that makes you see the eyes of young children. It takes a childhood view of a grown-up world. The movie is heightened by Sam and Suzy’s reality and viewers can get caught up in their fantasy world. The movie is funny and you can chuckle and smile in the movie. The actors were great and it was really an excellent movie.

MOONRISE KINGDOM, the new film

MOONRISE KINGDOM, the new film

3. Silver Linings Playbook

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jack Weaver and Chris Tucker

Summary: Silver Linings Playbook is a written and directed by David O. Russel. This is a movie based on novel by Matthew Quick. Pat Solitano is a former teacher who was released from a mental hospital. He stayed in the mental institution for eight months and he was released with the condition that he was going to move back in with his parents. He has bipolar disorder and he was institutionalized for beating up his wife’s lover. He is on medication and in therapy sessions. He then starts obsessing about healthy living and taking care of the “silver linings” in his life. Pat then meets Tiffany who helps him reconnect with his wife.

Film Review: Silver Linings

Film Review: Silver Linings

The film talks about damaged and imperfect characters and it deals with unwieldy emotions. The movie has both laughter and tears and you’ll realize that life is never what it seems and each of us has our own quirkiness. There are moments in our life that can indeed stray us from what we can describe as “normal” and we do need support from our loved ones to get back on track. This is an emotional and funny movie that is worth watching!